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Welcome to our virtual world where we allow our creative minds to
wander, designing and developing every type of web-site from the simple
and conventional to the intricate and unique.

The Webery has been creating customized web-sites for its clients for over 15 years. We have drawn on our years of experience in the advertising industry to bring sharp, clear and informative sites to the web. We have also drawn on our extensive experience in the Information Technology industry to ensure that these sites are technically functional and quick to load so as to bring the most value to our clients. We believe that a web-site is of value to any organization so long as it conveys their message and presents the organization or individual in the best light. It can be said that a web-site is your window to the world but it is also the world's easiest way of looking at you.

At The Webery, each and every site receives personal attention and is customized to the client. While we do on occasions use templates as a start-point, there is no doubt that each and every site is an individual customization targeted to the client's needs and desires with a view to what is going to create the best image for them.

The Webery also hosts its clients sites in the majority of cases. Again, we  have drawn on our extensive experience in the Information Technology industry to ensure that our hosting services are technically superior and able to cope with the demands of our clients sites. Our hosting services are connected to the high-speed Internet access backbone of one of the nations largest carriers.

When you are ready
to show your business and yourself to the global community, please do
not hesitate to contact us.

And then we savour a quite glass of wine because we believe that

Vinum Essentia est Vitae

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